Ticci toby by monstercyndere-d6808kr

Ticci-Toby is a member of The Nega M-san Bunch. He was offered to join by Melvin when he heard that he had killed his own father. "I know that feeling just as well as you do!", Melvin Ishtar snickered when he heard the news. Both of them are now very good friends, and both of them use the "binky boy" phrases infamously used by Melvin and/or his father. Toby now wants to kill M-san's father, even though he's surprisingly the first and last M-san Bunch ally among The Nega M-san Bunch. He also tends to twitch, which shouldn't be a laughing matter. Plus, Toby's immunity to pain makes him an important member of Der Führer's Army. Sometimes, he wishes that The M-san Bunch and The Nega M-san Bunch would get along more often, esp. when he isn't around!

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