The Nega M-san Bunch is the rival "clan" of the M-san Bunch. They are anti-g*y feminazis that condone violence against men, and treat men like sh*t. They're not an exact clone, however.

Here are a few differences that seperate said groups:

Original M-san Bunch Nega M-san Bunch
Mostly male group All male group
Pro-philandry Pro-misandry
Anti-misandry Anti-philandry
Anti-feminist, most of the time Pro-feminist, Leftists R Us Allies
Have Führer der M-san Bunch Don't have a clone of Führer der M-san Bunch
D*kes generally disgust them D*kes make them h*rny
G*y males are accepted G*y males are shamed and/or castrated
Pegasisters disgust them Pegasisters get a bit "happy" to see them
"Girl gamers" are banned from joining Would allow "girl gamers" to join
Don't have THE retro video game reviewer They've got him, as Führer der Nega M-san Bunch!
Give a f*ck about Chris "Bores"

Hate Chris Bores and complain about him ripping off AVGN, though most of the time they're doing the same thing James Rolfe does.

Hates Ma*gi*as Likes Ma*gi*as
Hates Ho*oph*bes H*mo*h*bic Group

NOTE: There are more differences to come up...




  • Armake21
  • YourYugiohChannel
  • BLackBusterCritic
  • Silent Rob (LeisureSuitGaming)
  • Spax3
  • Bookittty182
  • Nega Pennywise (the world's most h*mophobic clown, and loves ball-room dancing with female clowns)

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