The Garfield Gang is a group of flamming f*ggots who are enemies to both The Nega-Barney Bunch and The Barney Bunch. Thier Leader is Garfield.


Garfield...Leader of the Garfield Gang.  In JEMASCOLA's early Garfield Gang videos, he used the LH Michael voice.

Odie...A dedicated soldier. Carries a bazooka with him during wartime.  In JEMASCOLA's early Garfield Gang videos, he used the Microsoft Sam voice.

Jon Arbuckle...Garfield's dorky, nerdy caretaker. However, as revealed in one video, Garfield can actually make Jon skip dinner, rather than the other way around. Jon claims he has a 60 foot d*ck, but Garfield thinks it's actually a 60 micrometer d*ck.

Lyman...The long-lost, retro member of the Garfield Gang. He is very talented in disco dancing and in "Uncut Garfield 2" threatened to unleash his "amazing disco moves" on the Barney Bunch if they didn't leave the base. Terrified at the thought of watching outdated, '70s dancing, the Barney Bunch flees.

Spud Head (Mr. Potatohead)

Big Phill...He comes in handy whenever the Garfield Gang needs superhuman strength or an inventive mind. He can reach 900 horsepower, compared to 0.1 horsepower of a typical strong human.

Stephen Colbert

The Buddy Bears

George W. Brush...A clone of George W. Bush. Formerly a Garfield Gang member but was later revealed to be a spy for the Barney Bunch.

Tony Blair...Formerly a Garfield Gang member but was later revealed to be a spy for the Barney Bunch.

Bill Grates...A clone of Bill Gates. Formerly a Garfield Gang member but was later revealed to be a spy for the Barney Bunch.


Roy Rooster

Orson Pig

Wade Duck

Bo Sheep

Snails and Snips

The Singing Ants


Binky the Clown

Cactus Jake

Doc Boy

Jon's Mom (Really a Male)

Jon's Dad

Jon's Grandma (Also Really a Male)



John Wayne Gacey

Charlie Manson




A user named JEMASCOLA created the Garfield Gang in April 2007 since he liked the Barney Bunch and wanted attention from it - and to give it competition and have his own "Barney Bunch-type" group. His first Garfield Gang-related video was "Uncut Garfield 1," which used Barney Bunch-style humor (sort of).

On April 23, the Garfield Gang declared an online YouTube war on the Barney Bunch. Sadly, the Garfield Gang was outnumbered and tended to produce lower-quality videos than those of the Barney Bunch. The war officially ended on June 14 with a finale video in which both groups united to defeat KoolKidzKlub. The end of the war resulted in the dissolution of the Garfield Gang (according to the video storyline, they cryogenically froze themselves).

In early December, the Garfield Gang reemerged after JEMASCOLA uploaded a new video in which the group was impersonated by Seth MacFarlane, who was dressed in a Garfield Gang costume and insulted the Barney Bunch. JEMASCOLA had plans for new Garfield Gang videos in early 2008 but got lazy and decided not to go through with them. He again dissolved the Garfield Gang in late March 2008, officially turning it over to his friend, zap2346, although to date, he hasn't done anything with the group.


In "Uncut Garfield 1," before the Garfield Gang was officially formed, Garfield, Jon, Odie, and Lyman lived in their suburban Indiana house. After establishing the Garfield Gang, they moved to an underground base in the desert, which was full of mainframe computers and World War I and II-era military equipment. After "Uncut Garfield 2," the Garfield Gang moved to a space station and used a meeting room with monitors all over the walls. The space station was sucked into a space hole - but came back once more in "Return of the Garfield Gang."

Other ProjectsEdit

The Garfield Gang (or just JEMASCOLA) created a group called GuysGayGang and a few fake accounts to make it appear as though GuysGayGang had support. In 2008, a group called the McGriddles had formed, and GuysGayGang intended to fight it - but eventually, JEMASCOLA decided to call it quits and reveal the true identity of GuysGayGang.


"Uncut Garfield 1" (Uploaded April 4, 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...Garfield discusses his daily life, which includes kicking Odie in the nuts hundreds of times. In retaliation, Odie shows up and prepares to kill Garfield with a bazooka.

"Establishment of the Garfield Gang" (Uploaded circa April 2007 by JEMASCOLA)

"A Critical Analysis of the Barney Bunch" (Uploaded April/May 2007 by JEMASCOLA)

"Uncut Garfield 2" (Uploaded April/May 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...Jon stops Odie and confronts him for shitting on his shirts and trying to kill Garfield. Jon and Garfield decide to have an orgy with Odie and Lyman. The Barney Bunch shows up, and Lyman threatens to unleash his "amazing disco moves" on them if they don't leave.

"Web War 1" (Uploaded April/May 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...The Garfield Gang makes an attack on the Barney Bunch's land using World War I-era military equipment and an atomic bomb. They take Drew Pickles as a war prisoner and force him to have sex with a girl.

"Barney Bunch Awareness Video" (Uploaded circa May 9, 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...In this video, Garfield dissuades an internet user from watching Barney Bunch videos.

"The Buddy Bears join the Garfield Gang!" (Uploaded May 10, 2007 by BobbyBuddyBear)...BobbyBuddyBear announces that the Buddy Bears (from the cartoon Garfield and Friends) have joined the Garfield Gang.

"Spud Head Talks about the Garfield Gang" (Uploaded May 12, 2007 by BobbyBuddyBear)...Spud Head counters Barney Bunch claims that the war was over and that the Garfield Gang was losing.

"BurgundyBurb's Retarded Logic" (Uploaded May 13, 2007 by BobbyBuddyBear)...The Buddy Bears point out flaws in BurgundyBurb's logic - particularly surrounding her claim that the use of Spud Head's picture in one of BobbyBuddyBear's videos proved that BobbyBuddyBear was a fake account of JEMASCOLA.

"Interview With Jim Davis" (Uploaded circa May 13, 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...Garfield interviews Jim Davis, who supposedly discredits the Barney Bunch's style of humor.  His opinion is supposed to be taken seriously since he is a professional cartoonist.

"Burgundy Burb's account is suspended!" (Uploaded May 14, 2007 by BobbyBuddyBear)...BobbyBuddyBear gloats over the fact that BurgundyBurb's account was banned (due to graphic images) - and as "proof" that the Garfield Gang "owned" her.

"Tony Blair talks about the Snake Soldiers" (Uploaded May 15, 2007 by BobbyBuddyBear)...Tony Blair tries to discredit the effectiveness of the Snake Soldiers.

"Cap'n Lazer" (Uploaded May 20, 2007 by surfingthechaos)...Two videos with characters based on the McDonald's Astrosniks toys on a Star Trek TNG bridge. Sammyt3hSnake makes a proposition with Cap'n Lazer, but he denies it and blasts Sammy's flagship.

"Phil's Journey" (Uploaded May 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...

"Love Struck" (Uploaded May 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...A video unrelated to the Barney Bunch war. Jon, Stephen Colbert, and Big Phill try to win the affections of '80s movie star Molly Ringwald.

"What's your anti-barney?" (Uploaded circa June 2007 by surfingthechaos)...An anti-Barney Bunch video parodying the PSA anti-drug commercials.

"Return of the Garfield Gang" (Uploaded December 8, 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...The Barney Bunch thinks the Garfield Gang is attacking them again, so they plan to launch penis missles at the group's founders' homes. But Inspector Duck doesn't believe the Garfield Gang is really behind the videos. He travels through time and space and finds the Garfield Gang's base and unfreezes them. Eventually, Inspector Duck and the Garfield Gang find that Seth MacFarlane is actually responsible for the videos. They catch Seth's confession on video and show it to the Barney Bunch. Finally, the Garfield Gang and Barney Bunch team up and send penis missles to Seth MacFarlane's house. At the end of the video, the Garfield Gang announces that it will resume making YouTube videos.

"Barney Bunch Moments with the Garfield Gang" (Uploaded December 2007 by JEMASCOLA)...The Garfield Gang presents humorous anecdotes with Barney Bunch-type humor. The first (and only) video features the Seinfeld characters.

"Resignation" (Uploaded March 2008 by JEMASCOLA)...JEMASCOLA/Garfield resigns from the Garfield Gang and turns the group over to zap2346.


LYMAN: "You heard the cat, get the hell out! Or I'll unleash some of my amazing disco moves at you!"

ODIE: "But Garfield kept kicking me in the nahds."

JON: "I don't care! When I flirt with girls, they kick me in the nads all the time, and I don't blow them up with bazookas."

JON: "I swear it, Garfield, one of these days I am going to give you a good kick right in your little orange nuts."

JON: "So the gym teacher says, 'I said ping pong balls, not King Kong's b*lls!'"