Princess Morbucks is a member of The Nega Barney Bunch. She is a member of one of Peter Griffin's Minions. She likes Nega Screw Pickles, Winslow, Banana Joe & Peter Griffin. She likes to r*pe Nega Yogi Bear so good and that's why Nega Yogi Bear is not g*y. But Princess Morbucks has a 90 mile long c*ck that wants Nega Yogi Bear to suck it. Also, Princess Morbucks was hired in one of Peter Griffin's Minions. Princess Morbucks, Winslow, Banana Joe & Peter Griffin are planning to take over The Barney Bunch. So, Princess Morbucks says that Nega Yogi Bear is hot. She also hates the Powerpuff Girls. She will r*pe them if they won't let her join their group