Blackavar is a member of The Nega-Barney Bunch. He's also another H*mophobic rabbit (though has been trying to be g*y several times). It is thought that in the film Watership Down that General Woundwort killed Blackavar that that is in no way true. He has also tried to be g*y but General Woundwort does bad things to him for that like biting off parts of his ear and believing to have been killed by Woundwort. He is secretly bis*xual but he won't admit to the General or his Captains because they'd abuse him even more.
Blackavar's Death00:14

Blackavar's Death

What people think that Blackavar died, but he's still alive. WARNING: This video has blood in it. If you are squimish or have a fear of blood (even animated) then don't watch.

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